The aim of the Fairground Heritage Trust is to preserve historic fairground equipment, imagery and memorabilia for future generations, in the hope of fostering understanding of, and support for, a genuinely national institution. As a vital ingredient in the genesis of leisure in this country, the Fairground Heritage Trust believes that fairground has played just as important a role as any other type of popular entertainment in shaping today’s society.

The Trust has been successful in building up a large collection of rides and fairground-related artefacts, many of key historical significance. Since 2003 the Trust has had its base at Dingles Steam Village in Devon, an established high quality heritage attraction in its own right. For the 2007 season, this reopened as the Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre. A new extension of 25,000 square feet was completed in Spring 2006. This has enabled the Trust to safely house and display a much greater proportion of its collection, and give visitors a much more enjoyable and interactive experience. To continue this work, we now need to raise a substantial sum of money, and although it is hoped a proportion of this will come from grants, all donations are very welcome, and absolutely essential to our work.
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