The terraced garden east of the house comprises four terraces retained by stone walls and linked by stone steps which are aligned on the gabled porch on the east facade of the house. The upper terrace forms a gravel walk linking the north entrance to the east porch and the drive leading east from the carriage turn. To the east the walk is bordered by a narrow lawn, while to the west mixed borders are planted below the walls of the house. The second, third, and fourth terraces follow a similar plan with narrow beds below the retaining walls and a pair of long rectangular beds set in grass flanking the axial walk aligned on the east porch. The beds are planted with roses on the second terrace, and mixed herbaceous and seasonal subjects on the third and fourth terraces. Stone steps descend north and south to a gravel walk on the fourth or lowest terrace, which runs parallel to the crenellated retaining wall. A flight of off-centre stone steps descends east to enter a stone-lined tunnel linking the formal terraces to the valley garden beyond the north drive. The east terraces are of uncertain age and origin, but are shown on mid C19 photographs pre-dating the alteration and renovation of the east wing in 1862 (John Lanyon pers comm, 2000); their plan and planting is recorded on early C20 photographs published by Country Life (1902, 1905).
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