Udeley Castle's has nine individual gardens. The centrepiece is the Queens Garden, so named because four of England's queens Anne Boleyn, Katherine Parr, Lady Jane Grey and Elizabeth I once admired the hundreds of varieties of roses found in the garden.[12]

St Mary's Church, in which Katherine Parr is buried, is bordered by the White Garden, rich with peonies, clematis, roses and tulips, where Katherine and her companion, Lady Jane Grey would have entered the church for daily prayers.[citation needed]

The Knot Garden is based on a dress pattern worn by Elizabeth I in a portrait that hangs in the castle. More than 1,200 box hedges form its intricate geometric design, interspersed with coloured gravel and a Moorish mosaic fountain at the centre.

The ruins of the 15th-century tithe barn form the centre of a garden, featuring a carp pond surrounded by wisteria, primroses, hollyhocks and cardoons.

Other gardens at Sudeley include the Secret Garden, the Mulberry Garden and the Herb Garden Walk. In the Mulberry Garden, country flowers and greenery surrounds the mulberry tree planted in 1865 by Emma Dent. The Herb Garden Walk takes visitors through a fine collection of plants which have been cultivated for their medical properties for thousands of years.
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