Water, water everywhere… fun and history combined in a garden. Opened in 2007 the Historical Garden of Surprises is a fantastic addition to the gardens at Burghley.

In the 16th century the 1st Lord Burghley was a passionate gardener and employer of the Tradescants. One of his gardens, at Theobalds, was noted by diarists of the day as containing “divers conceits, obelisks of many materials and a lead pond which was pleasant for bathing in the summer, as well as Caesars heads contained in a circular building with a table made from ‘touchstone'”.

The amazing contents of the Garden of Surprises are inspired by this Elizabethan garden and are hidden from the outside – waiting to reveal their surprises to those who enter. Features such as the moss house, the swivelling Caesar busts, basins of water, jets and the mirrored maze have been designed to be accessible to all regardless of age or interest, and are particularly enjoyable for the young or those young at heart who enjoy a paddle on a warm day. The garden exudes a real sense of fun.
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