Reg Haskell Photography

The Bath House at Wrest Park

EXTERIOR: Bath House: up to lintel height and below the eaves the stone to the north-west room is coursed; between these two zones the walls are constructed of large blocks of random rubble; the pool room is entirely made of larger more roughly hewn blocks of stone. This room is designed as a romantic semi-ruin, the domed roof with three large, irregular, rough edged openings, the wall with three wide arched openings with massive keystones. The north-west room also has three narrower arched openings, one of which is the entrance; all these openings have large block keystones.

INTERIOR: Bath House: the interior of both spaces is lined with carefully coursed regularly shaped ironstone. The north-west room has a cobbled floor with a radiating pattern of deer bones, and has arched niches set in the wall. The bath to the south-east is lined with ashlar and concrete, with steps down into the bath from the entrance flanking a central ashlar block. Set into the block is a lead spout in the form of a lion's head. (ref. NHLE)
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